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Yeah. Way to offend EVERYONE. - Queer Rage

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December 19th, 2006

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12:41 am - Yeah. Way to offend EVERYONE.
So, the illustrious Fox News has really outdone themselves this time. This is a video about Harvard's move to create gender blind housing by room. In the course of a ten minute segment, I can't think of a single person they didn't categorize, stereotype, or offend. I'm so speechless I can't even rage about it. I'll leave that to someone else, I suppose...

Here's another, if you're a glutton for punishment...
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Date:December 19th, 2006 11:56 am (UTC)
I should have read everyone else's comments before I watched this - Are they gonna have the same time of the month? Ugh!

Brittney Hoffman was the best thing to come out of the second one.

I was lucky, English University, single rooms. But come on! I'd have felt more comfortable sharing with a girl than a straight male, but my ideal roomie, would have been anyone who I felt comfortable living with, who didn't put me under pressure to proove myself. In second year, I lived off campus. The girls I shared with were three very straight, very prudish people. The idea of me having *shockhorror* a male friend to stay was a huge issue for them. Even though said friend was very overtly gay. The girls were stuck in the heteronormative, and me, I was sitting there thinking I should have moved in with my uni boys when they'd asked me to. But I was doing what was expected of me by my parents.

I was completely weirded out by being with such narrow minded people. I went back into halls in third year. Best decision I could have made. Room to myself, bathroom to myself and the option to have whoever I wanted to stay.

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