~<3/ (selina_) wrote in queer_rage,

Transphobia on Graham Norton

I was watching Graham Norton (an openly gay, English comedian known for being shocking and full of innuendo) on the BBC recently, and he made comments about Thomas Beatie. I generally considered the show to be LGBT friendly, so was shocked to hear him say not only: "If he hasn't had genital surgery surely that just makes him a lesbian" but even worse, "that thing is still a woman". You can watch the clip here.

I sent a complaint to the BBC Complaints Department, and the reply I received was even worse. This is a link to my journal entry showing my original complaint, and the godawful reply from the BBC.

I thought I should bring this to more people's attention. My beef here is about transphobia in general, not Beatie's specific case - which is admittedly a little unusual. Comments like, "We believe that there is no single set of standards in this area on which the whole of society can agree" from the BBC are at best not taking the issue seriously, and at worst plain offensive.

If you want to register your own complaint - here is the BBC Complaints Website.
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