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Queer Rage

If you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention.

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This community is patterned after the wonderful feminist_rage community.

A note on our name:

We are cognizant of the fact that the term "queer" can be construed as offensive. Please understand that it was selected in the spirit of reclamation and total inclusivity.


A. Safe Space

1. This is a safe space. That is one of the defining characteristics of this community. This means that
A: This is not a debate community. if you take issue with something or someone in the community, tell the mods about it via email rather than telling the person in question what a jerk you think they are.
B: This is not a place where “all opinions are welcome.” Certain things (many things) cannot be said here because they violate the integrity of the safe space. By joining this community, you are obligating yourself to uphold the integrity of the safe space. [Concepts such as “free speech” and “censorship” are not relevant here. This is not a democratic nation-state; this is, rather, an internet livejournal community with a specific purpose. Joining the community is voluntary and leaving it is always an option.]

2. This "safe space" has been created for the benefit of all people who identify as queer. However, all members are welcome regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It is not, however, a “safe space” for cisgendered heterosexuals. (To find a safe space for cisgendered heterosexuals, please go anywhere else.)

Note: This includes people who identify as queer (gay/bi/etc.) "by choice." Therefore, sweeping statements to the effect of "it's not a choice" are not allowed. This is different from saying "I did not choose to be..." or "I was born..."—these are fine. (See #7 re: generalizing one's experiences.)

3. "Safe space" further entails safety from all manifestations of oppression/discrimination/privilege. There will be NO ablism, sexism, heterosexism, racism, homophobia, sizeism, classism, genderism, or religious discrimination. Safe Space does not entail the freedom to espouse political ideologies in direct opposition to the aims of the safe space, regardless of sexual or gender identity. Ideologies unacceptable in this space include (but are not limited to): Fascism, Nazism, National Socialism, National Bolshevism, the Christian Identity Movement, and neo-Confederate ideologies. Such ideologies categorically violate most or all of the conditions of a safe space. If you are in any way unsure about what constitutes any of these unacceptable behaviors, it is your responsibility to check with a MOD before posting something potentially offensive.

NOTE: Use of the words "bitch," and "douche" or "douchebag" in anything but a reclaimed and positive sense, is never acceptable in this community. Because it's misogynistic, and misogyny violates the sexism and genderism clauses of our safe space rules.

4. The same rules apply to icons used within the community.

5. Quoted directly from feminist_rage:
"Nobody needs a reminder that privileged groups feel pain too; an indictment of one 'ism' is not a dismissal of every other wrong in existence. If you belong to a privileged group, you will most likely be checked at one time or another. Before getting defensive, look back at your post and query whether you deserved it. Repeated and unchecked assertion of privilege will in most cases warrant a ban."

6. Members have the right to expect that what they post here will be treated with respect. Any locked entries are particularly sensitive territory. The OP of a locked entry can expect that the entry will not be quoted or paraphrased elsewhere on LJ. Furthermore, no post made in this community may be torn down, bashed, ridiculed or otherwise disrespected. Nor can members tear down, bash, ridicule or otherwise disrespect the community as a whole. Such behavior is grounds for an instant ban.

7. While constructive discourse is desirable, the nature of this community revolves around mutual support. If you cannot come up with an explicitly supportive and respectful response to a particular post, do not respond at all. Also, it is strongly recommended that you maintain a consistent effort not to generalize your personal experience; that is not constructive behavior and is unlikely to create much support.

8. Recognizing the inherent tension of maintaining a safe space revolved around rage — a principle that invites violent language — we seek to maximize the comfort level of all members. We ask that all posts containing graphically violent language (when in doubt, err on the side of caution) be behind an appropriately labeled cut. Furthermore, we ask that graphically violent language not be used in comments, unless they are responding to a post that bears such a cut.

9. Replying positively, encouragingly, with agreement to a post or comment that has been explicitly deemed by MODs to be unacceptable constitutes a violation of the safe space.

10. While we acknowledge that some identities may have, collectively, experienced more marginalization and oppression than others, it is also important to acknowledge that everyone experiences oppression and privilege in different ways, that these experiences are difficult to accurately quantify or rank, that oppressions intersect and oppressed groups cannot be viewed as a collection of entirely distinct entities and that the struggle against oppression benefits from being united. It is problematic and counter-productive to engage in comparing or ranking oppressions. Therefore, statements like "Gay people have it even worse than black people" or vice-versa should be avoided.

For further explanation, we refer you to this essay, by Audre Lorde.

B. General Posting

1. Posting and commenting is members-only. Long posts should be behind a cut.

2. Posts that contain potentially triggering topics (i.e. sexual assault, violence and abuse, etc.) MUST be placed behind a cut which MUST feature a specific trigger warning. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

3. Posts must be kept MOSTLY to rants/rages. You may post articles, petitions, relevant information (ABSOLUTELY NOT quizzes, memes, etc.) but please rant along as you do so.

4. All editing and deleting of comments and posts is reserved for MODs. Comments must be allowed, unscreened, on all entries.

C. Members / MODs

1. Members will be screened to avoid trolling. If it is judged that you do not belong in this community but you feel that you do, please contact a moderator for further discussion.

2. The current MODS are bravest_unsaid and nerdanel, who can be reached via e-mail at SandinistaB@gmail.com and nerdanel.lj@gmail.com. Please do not use LJ PM: email only.

3. It is not acceptable to argue with a MOD in the comment threads. If you feel the need to contact a mod, please do so via e-mail. If a MOD makes a specific request, ignoring it is NOT an option.

4. In violating the rules, ignoring warnings and/or otherwise trolling, posters give MODs specific permission to link to their journals and/or posts. All bans will be accompanied with a ban announcement.

5. If you have ideas for the interest list, submit them via e-mail, please.